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Successful Digital Marketing Is Not Created By Chance. Use These Checklists To Create Digital Excellence, Every Time.

If you’re like most business owners, all you want is the “80/20” of digital marketing strategies and tactics: the 20% that gets 80% of the results. That’s why I shared these with you… so you can focus on creating excellence every time, instead of working out ‘what’ to do.

These checklists are available in two formats: as an instantly useable PDF document, and as a Trello board template. If you’re a Trello addict like I am, you’ll be extracting serious value from these checklists in no-time at all. Click the button below to access both.

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In just a few minutes, you’ll have access to my very best “80/20” strategies and tactics…

You’ll access 25 checklists containing:
  • 49 growth hacking tips, tactics, and strategies
  • 31 features of a strong lead generation website
  • The 82 parts of a high-converting direct response landing page
  • 27 content marketing tips, tactics, and strategies
  • 14 tactics for increasing the firepower of your creative
  • 12 website conversion strategies
  • The structure of a 14-part email autoresponder sequence
  • 7 strategies for gathering social proof
  • 12 strategies for increasing your lead-to-sale conversion rate
  • 10 social media community nurturing tactics
  • 11 social media status update examples
  • 18 strategies for crafting a unique value proposition
  • 16 tactics for defining your target customer personas
  • And more…

As soon as you enter your details into the form on this page (just click the gold button), you’ll receive an email containing a link to the PDF and the Trello board template. Duplicating the Trello board into your own Trello account is easy.

These are my best digital marketing strategies and tactics.
And they’re available for you to download as a PDF or Trello template.

Download Checklists & Trello Template Now

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About The Author

My name is Ben, and for more than 8 years I’ve provided value to businesses as a digital marketing strategist and independent consultant. I’ve been involved in exciting digital startups and business colleges, and I’ve attended digital conferences worldwide.

I’m passionate about the benefits digital marketing provides local, national, and global economies. After all, without digital marketing, how would modern businesses grow?

I’m currently building a handful of close-knit relationships with an inner circle of clients. If you’re looking for an experienced consultant to craft your firm’s strategy and implement your digital marketing campaigns, I’d love to speak with you. You can test-drive my strategies and tactics by downloading these checklists.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Ben

Our followers have significantly increased as well leads that have converted into new business

"Ben came on board approximately a year ago to assist our construction business with our digital marketing and social media. This was a task that was often overlooked in the business yet organically developed. We were at a stage where our goal was to grow our business and generate profitable leads from our social media platforms. Ben not only demonstrated from the start that he had an understanding of our business model but also made us feel that he cared about what we do and our clients as much as we do.

Since having Ben on board our followers have significantly increased as well leads that have converted into new business. Ben goes above and beyond his scope of work and is always there to offer advice and provide ideas and concepts that we never imagined possible. Ben thinks outside the box and pushes us to be excited about where our digital marketing can potentially lead B and L James Constructions to be in the market."

B & L James

A stream of sales from paid and organic traffic

"Ben guided the strategy and implementation/execution of our site from Day 0. Since launch, we've had a stream of sales from paid and organic traffic. Happy to recommend"

Peter S

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